Weight Loss: Loss 5 kg in one Month

Satisfied with your body? Not quite. This cure will give you a weight loss of up to 5 kg in just a month, so you can get the good self-esteem back. Are you ready?

Turn down the sugar, white bread and fat in your diet and instead the amount of good vegetables. It is the basic principle of this cure that ensures a weight loss of up to 5 kg in just one month. The goal is a lasting and healthy weight loss, and the drug is a diet change.

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NOTE! The first few days may work harsh, as all stimulants are removed. However, it usually only takes a few days and you will soon feel the energy pat you on your shoulder and support your weight loss.

4 steps to lose 5 kg in one month

1. Choose what you eat.
You’re what you eat. Therefore, you are free to choose: Do you want to be a slum-thumb-mallet? Or healthy and crisp vegetables? The choice is yours. Blood sugar-friendly diets rich in essential nutrients that support your burning and metabolism are the way forward.

2. Get exercise – every day.
The daily exercise can mean the difference between some soft parts of the stomach or a nice tight stomach skin. What would you rather have? Make sure you get one hour of exercise a day – it gives energy and is motivating, so nothing can stop you.

3. Add a plan.
The third piece in the game about a healthier life and a slimmer body is a plan for your weight loss. Make a contract with yourself, in which you write your goals and wishes. The plan helps you maintain your motivation until your goal is reached and you want to continue and keep your lifestyle changes – even after your desired weight loss is achieved.

4. Drive on!
Take advantage of your motivation at the beginning of the cure: throw away all sugar, canned food, color, old jams and other things that have been on your shelves for too long. Instead, fill with healthy foods such as vegetables, lentils, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, olive oil and fruit.

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