How Is Fungal Nail Treated?

Because a fungal infection of the nail can be very deep in the nail, it is often necessary to tackle the fungus from the outside, also from the inside. Zetaclear, Best Nail Fungal or Infection Treatment


There are a number of anti-fungal agents that can fight the fungi in the nail. You must use these medicines during a treatment period. A treatment course lasts at least 3 months. In intractable cases, treatment can last up to 6 months before a satisfactory result is achieved. Examples are Trisporal (itraconazole), Lamisil (terbinafine) and Diflucan (fluconazole).


Until now, there is no external agent that can cure the fungal nail. Because a fungal nail often occurs together with a athlete’s foot, the latter is simultaneously treated with a cream (eg Daktarin or Nizoral). In addition, it is important to treat all your shoes and socks with a fungicide (scatter powder). The traces of the fungus remain behind, even after repeated washing. If you do not erase these traces, you would reinfect yourself again and again and there is no treatment against it.


Laser treatment against fungal nails is based on selective heating of the nail plate through which molds are killed. All ten (finger or toenails) are treated simultaneously during the same session, even though not all nails are visibly affected. Because nails grow slowly, we see the effect of the treatment only after 3 to 6 months. Usually 1 to 3 laser treatments are needed to heal the nail plate. Despite the heat of the laser beams, the treatment is tolerable. The type of laser used here is a Nd: YAG laser, eg the Pin-Pointe laser.

What can you do yourself against fungal nails?

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It is a misunderstanding to think that fungal infections are caused by a lack of hygiene. Fungal infections are caused by a combination of various factors. Below are a number of measures to help prevent fungal nails:

Make sure that you always carefully dry your feet. Possible traces especially find the spaces between the toes a pleasant place to stay.

Preferably wear nylons, plastic socks and shoes. This creates a sweltering climate around your feet and that is very conducive to fungal growth.

Avoid excessive perspiration. If it is warm, preferably wear airy, open, footwear. Thin socks and cotton stockings are also recommended.

Do not use too much soap when washing and rinse off the soap residue. Soap with disinfecting ingredients is not effective against fungi.

Always wear slippers in public laundry and bathing facilities (swimming pool, sports hall, sauna)

What is the prognosis for fungal nail?

The result of a treatment for a fungal nail is unfortunately not immediately clear to see. The fungi may have been eradicated, the abnormalities of the nail can still be seen for months. A lot of time is needed before the affected parts of the nail have completely grown and repelled. Especially the toenails grow only a few millimeters per month. So it is a matter of patience, patience and patience.

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