Exercises to lose chest fat for men

The exercises to lose pectoral fat special for men will help you to reduce fat from the area of ??the stomach as well as to strengthen your pectoral muscles. In addition to the other exercises that are specifically aimed at your abs, your chest and your pectorals, it is important to perform cardiovascular exercises to reduce your body weight, as well as to improve your cardiovascular health in general.


This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest as well as to strengthen and tone your upper abdominal muscles and your back. Lie on your chest with your arms on both sides of your body and your legs fully extended. Bend your arms with your elbows and recharge your hands on the floor and approximately at the height of your shoulders. Tighten the muscles of your chest and lift your body with your hands until your chest reaches a 45 degree angle in relation to the floor. Hold this position as long as you can before relaxing.


Running will improve your cardiovascular health and generally reduce your body fat. When you run at a constant rate of eight miles per hour, you may be burning around 900 to 1400 calories per hour. While running it is important that you maintain a constant step to be able to reduce weight efficiently. Although running will not only reduce the fat in your chest. Yes it will help you to burn the fat of your whole body evenly, which indirectly will help you reduce the amount that accumulates in your chest.

Exercise “cat-camel” (cat-camel)

This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest, as well as to strengthen and tone the muscles in your back and pectorals. Get on your knees so that the tips of your feet touch the floor. In this position, tighten the muscles of your chest and arch your spine up. Hold this position for 15 seconds before exhaling and returning to your original position. From here, relax your stomach and let it fall towards the floor. At the same time, gather your shoulder blades and keep them that way for 10 to 15 seconds.

Bench press (Bench press)

This exercise is designed to strengthen your pectoral muscles and help you reduce the fat in your chest. Sit on a bench leaning your weight against the bar. Then, put both hands on the bar, making sure to keep them at a regular distance. Using a basic grappling technique, pull the bar and bring it slowly to your chest. Continue to lower it until it practically touches your chest. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before raising it again, until your arms are fully extended again. Do about six to about eight repetitions before resting.

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That’s How You Get Rid Of Breast Formation In Men

Breast forming in men, a common problem? Breasts are sexy … in women. And because breasts belong to women, no man wants to walk around with two of these bumps. Yet there are enough men who suffer from the so-called manboobs. About a tenth of the young men and a third of the older men suffer from this. In this article we look at the causes and solutions.

What are male breasts / manboobs?

Men’s breasts arise due to stubborn fat accumulation in chest area. Male breasts can occur at a young age, usually in boys or men who are overweight.

Causes of breast formation in men

Several factors often together ensure that men get breasts. Below you will find the most important causes and tips on how to deal with them.


It will come as no surprise that bad food contributes to breast formation in men. After all, male breasts consist largely of excess fat that is stored at the breast. That is why it is advisable to eat as healthy as possible. Use, for example, as few products as possible with fats and sugars. Sugars can also bring the male hormones out of balance, so that fat is stored earlier in the breasts.

Low testosterone value

A low testosterone value can be a cause of male breasts. Signals can be: painful or noticeably larger breasts, loss of body and facial hair, shrunken testicles, erectile dysfunction and hot flashes. Do you suspect that you are bothered by this? Always have this checked by the doctor. Too much alcohol and stress can have a very bad influence on the testosterone level. You can increase your testosterone levels by doing more strength training, sleeping well and eating enough healthy fats.

Lack of movement

Of course, sports are always good to lose fat, so also fat around the breasts. In the case of male breasts, it is advisable to conditionally exercise to lose fat, as well as to train a lot with weights. Exercises to tighten your breasts include the chest press, chestfly and push ups. With these exercises you strengthen your chest muscles, making your male breasts tighter. In addition, it stimulates testosterone release. You can always ask for personal advice from a trainer at the gym.

Disease or deviation

Male breasts are not always a cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. There may also be a deeper problem. Often it is about an inherited predisposition for the formation of breasts. But there can also be a serious illness. For example, the Klinefelter Syndrome . When men have breasts without being overweight, this is sometimes the underlying reason. Always visit the doctor if there is a suspicion of Klinefelter.

Treatments for men’s breasts

If changes in your diet and lifestyle do not help you get rid of your men’s breasts, you can take more serious measures. So you can start with medication, gels or ointments after consultation with your doctor. If this does not help, then you will see if you are eligible for a breast reduction for men.

Before a breast reduction can be performed, we first look at what kind of breast formation you have. There are various possibilities:

Breast formation due to excessive glandular tissue
Breast formation due to excessive adipose tissue
Breast formation due to excessive fat and skin folds

Depending on the type of breast formation, the right treatment is chosen for you. A breast reduction costs about between 1500 and 3900 euros, depending on the reputation of a clinic, the chosen treatment method, the specific wishes you have and how much experience the specialist has.

For an overview of the prices per clinic for breast reduction see the page prices and costs for a breast reduction for men .

For more information about this treatment, see our extensive information page on breast reduction for men .


Breast formation in men is becoming more common. Men’s breasts often decrease considerably by eating healthier and exercising more. If that is not enough, or if you are unlucky to be burdened with a hereditary predisposition to breast formation, breast reduction is a very effective treatment for men.

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