Beard oil prevents beard and flakes under beard

If you carry a beard, you may suffer from beard peeling and scaling under the beard, also called beard rose. This causes itching and the white flakes can become very visible. If you want to get rid of the itching and scaling, the use of a good beard oil is often a solution. The itching and flakes are caused by the skin drying under the beard when the beard hairs remove the fat from the skin. A beard oil nourishes the hair roots and moisturizes the skin. A beard balm with added shea butter also allows you to style your beard well.

Wearing a beard

In 2018 it is completely hip again to wear a beard as a man. Whether you have a thick, wild beard or a stylishly trimmed beard, facial hair is considered attractive by many people. Popular models, musicians and athletes certainly take the lead in this. Because whether you look at the full beard of Conor McGregor, Chris John Millington or Sebastien Chabal, the more styled beard of people like David Beckham or Dave Navarro or the more ‘messy’ facial hair of someone like Michiel Huisman, they have the bearded look all made their own.

A beard, skin rash or scaling by beard

Do you ever notice that you suffer from white flakes under your beard and mustache that you do not have on other parts of your face? It may look beautiful from a distance, many men who leave their beards suffer from skin rashes or flaking under the beard hairs. This is also called beard rose. This can start to itch just like with dandruff and when you start scratching, the dander can become extra visible and also end up on your clothes. Itching is also called beard joke when itching by a beard. This is because your skin dries from wearing a beard. The hair removes the fat from the skin. In addition, men who wear beards are more likely to go through their hair with their fingers and this creates a vicious circle: more scratching is more itching, more crabs. Do you ever hear from others that your beard pricks at an embrace or a kiss? Your beard also pricks in your own face because the hairs curl and the dots in your skin stabbing. This can also cause itching.

Beard oil strikes two birds with one stone

Do you want your skin peeling or beard rose and suffer less beardjuk than the use of a good beard oil is often the solution. Beard oil is an oil that contains various nutrients for both your skin and your beard hairs. Because the oil in your skin pulls you prevent the emergence of dead skin flakes. In addition, the oil nourishes the roots of the beard hairs, making them stronger and healthier and you can expect a better beard growth. If you want to grow a full beard, it is best to use a good beard oil from the beginning. A well-groomed beard stays beautiful longer and it prevents you from coming out quickly with an unkempt ‘wanderer look’ which forces you to shave off your beard and start over. It can also help to prevent split ends.

Ingredients of beard oil

Beard oil consists mainly of two ingredients: essential oils and a carrier oil . Essential oils are volatile oils that work well on the skin and give off a pleasant smell. A carrier oil or carrier oil is an oil that is used to dilute essential oils and allow them to work. They do not contain a flavor of themselves. It is important that an oil contains only a small amount of essential oils because they can be very intense for the skin. A good dilution prevents irritation and allergic reactions. The carrier oil is therefore the main ingredient of every beard oil.

Beard balm helps you to style your beard

In the search for good products for your beard you have probably come across various beard balms. A beard balm contains the same kind of oils as a beard oil, but another ingredient has been added. A beard balm usually contains shea butter. This is a butter that is extracted from the nuts of the shea or karite tree, which grows on the African savannah. The butter makes the balm greasy so you get a kind of leave-in conditioner. This allows you to style your beard the way you want it. It is therefore mainly used by men with a longer beard.

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