About Us

The world and environment around us is continuously changing and therefore it is important for us to keep good care of our skin and beauty. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, Eye Of The Eagle. My name is Cathy Synder and I am 27 year old young blogger who is passionate to write on skin care and beauty.

My love for skin care and beauty comes from my personal experience with skin problem. When I was 18 years old, I was struggling with acne problem. It was an embarrassing period for me as I cannot attend parties and ceremonies. Even beauty products and makeup didn’t help me hide my acne. This made to search out the permanent solution to my acne problem. Fortunately I found my solution and today I am totally acne free.

Here in this blog I have shared my views and known remedies to cure various skin problem. Alongside writing for Eye Of The Eagle, I love to attend parties, going out with friends and eating new cuisines.

About Eye Of The Eagle

This website is a platform on which comprehensive information is shared about skin care and beauty. I strive for an objective to perhaps position it, where skin issues are highlighted from various angles. We are likewise not afraid to use a reply to old dogmas or unilateral media coverage.

On my blog you can read different short articles and enjoy videos in the areas of skin care, beauty tips, women health and naturally whatever about personal care.

I am always influenced to get in touch with you. Take pleasure in!

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to mail me at mailme@eyeoftheeagle.net