Very Healthy Foods That Your Body Will Thank You For

It is important to include certain groups of food in your diet, although some of them may not be to your taste, because they are necessary for your body to function properly. Find Useful Reference…Here

There are foods that we love because of their taste and others that we just have to eat because they are very good for health. In fact, all the food we eat is important for our health . According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology , women’s eating habits are especially crucial. That is why you will probably want to know which very healthy foods you should eat to keep yourself healthy.

For example, very slim women, with a BMI of less than 19.8 or overweight women, with a BMA of more than 26, like people on a poor diet, can develop diseases much more easily.

Moreover , this can also affect you:

physical appearance
immune system
life expectancy
cognitive capacity

That is why a balanced diet with all the nutrients you need is very important. We will tell you what these are.

Very Healthy Foods For Good Skin


If you want your skin to look good, you should eat parsley , peppers and chocolate .

It is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and E. In addition, it must contain a lot of antioxidants . This is because these vitamins help the skin regenerate and protect against ultraviolet rays. This way your skin can look young and beautiful.
In addition, these products contain alpha lipoic acids. These help prevent skin pigmentation.
Thanks to the coenzyme Q10 you can prevent premature aging and also cancer.
Zinc helps your body fight inflammation.

Leafy Green Vegetables, Cheese And Orange Juice

Leafy green vegetables, cheese and orange juice are very good for the bones and teeth due to their high content of calcium and vitamin D.

This vitamin improves calcium intake and can also help with vision problems.

Foods To Keep Your Hormones In Balance

There is a range of very healthy foods for keeping the hormones in balance, such as salmon, nuts and vegetable oil.

Scientists at Harvard University have confirmed that they are good for the reproductive system.

To have a good hormonal balance, women must consume a certain amount of food rich in certain nutrients such as:

Omega 3 fatty acids
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
The foods that we mentioned earlier ensure the correct amounts of these nutrients.

Foods That Help With Weight Management

There are also foods that can help you keep your weight under control, such as meat, eggs, and beans.

Children need a lot of protein when they are in puberty and these ingredients are perfect to keep on weight.

For women, the recommended consumption is approximately 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.
If you have a very active lifestyle, this should be 1.5 grams per kilo.
Necessary foods for the nervous system
Among the foods that are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system we can eat avocado , beetroot and carrots .

We must therefore receive at least 400 mg of folic acid and vitamin B9. In this way you can keep your emotions in balance and also strengthen your immune system.

Remember that the nervous system is one of the most important parts of the body.

We must take good care of it, because over time the neurons will weaken. As a result, certain bodily functions will change. This allows us to start experiencing complaints such as:

certain pains
feelings of fear
So make sure you include these very healthy foods in your diet!

Causes of Red Spots After Showering

Do you suffer from red spots and / or itching after showering? Possible causes of this are discussed in this article.

Many people suffer from red spots and / or itching after showering. This can be for various reasons summarized below. If after reading this text you still do not know which cause plays a role in you, it is advisable to visit a doctor.


Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause your skin to turn red when it comes in contact with water. It is therefore advisable to shower as soon as possible. Also you don’t have to shower too often. For example, do you shower once a day? Then you can try to take a shower every other day. You must also ensure that the water you shower with is not too hot.


Getting red spots can be on the water itself. If there is a lot of lime in the water, this can dry out your skin. Water that contains a lot of lime is also called hard water. A water softener or water filter will solve your problem.


Nettle rash is a skin reaction that is also called bumps or urticaria. There can be several reasons why this skin reaction occurs. In this context, however, we will only focus on the physical factors. Physical incentives also include coming into contact with water. Both cold and warm water can cause hives. Do you shower with hot water? Then you can try to shower with slightly colder water. Does Oxyhives get rid of hives? Do you shower with cold water? Then you can try to shower with warmer water.

If you have hives, drying your wet body is also very important. Careful drying is important. Instead of rubbing, you have to dab.


Shampoo, shower oil or soap can cause red spots. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on which products you use while showering. Not sure if your shampoo is the culprit, for example? Then try to shower once without shampoo.

Fabric softener

The cause of your red skin does not necessarily have to be showered. It is also possible that the red spots appear during drying. The possibility that you are allergic to your detergent or fabric softener also exists.

Neurofeedback: Gain Control over your Brain Waves

What is neurofeedback and what does it do?

Neurofeedback brings more balance in brain activity. The brains of people provide brain waves. These can be measured with an Elektro Encephalogram or an EEG. People get electrodes on their heads and through these electrodes can be measured what electrical activity there is in the brain. In many disorders, activity in the brain is not as it should be. The balance is restored by people who do neurofeedback, to teach the brain to react differently. And that happens just by having them watch a movie. That film falters if the brain activity is not good. Brains, however, also want such a film to continue and respond to it. And thus the brains are trained so that they are in balance.

The operation of brain waves

Brain waves are very flexible and adapt to the circumstances. Whoever sleeps has slow brain waves, who does a strenuous job, has fast brainwaves. The brain is constantly switching, as it were, by using different brain waves in different situations. Those who have symptoms have brains that do not produce the brain activity that is necessary for that particular task or particular situation.

Reward brain activity with neurofeedback

In neurofeedback, the brain waves are first measured to see how they relate. It is clear that she is too fast or too slow in certain situations than by practicing regularly with the films trained in learning the desired brain waves so that the symptoms reduce or disappear. This will require a number of sessions. After a number of those sessions, the brain can then correct itself and use the right brain activity at the right moments.

Every condition in another part of the brain

Any condition is in another part of the brains, therefore advance a proper diagnosis is necessary, but also EEC must decide where the problem is located. Dyslexia, for example, is in a different area of ​​the brain than, for example, fear. The EEG is looking at where the deviation is in the brainwaves or where the biggest deviation has settled.

What does neurofeedback help with?

Neurofeedback can help with a large number of complaints such as:
Depressive complaints
Anxiety and panic symptoms
Concentration problems
Brain trauma
Migraine / headache
Sleep disorders

Weight Loss: Loss 5 kg in one Month

Satisfied with your body? Not quite. This cure will give you a weight loss of up to 5 kg in just a month, so you can get the good self-esteem back. Are you ready?

Turn down the sugar, white bread and fat in your diet and instead the amount of good vegetables. It is the basic principle of this cure that ensures a weight loss of up to 5 kg in just one month. The goal is a lasting and healthy weight loss, and the drug is a diet change.

sport, fitness, healthy lifestyle, diet and people concept – close up of man with food rich in protein showing thumbs up

NOTE! The first few days may work harsh, as all stimulants are removed. However, it usually only takes a few days and you will soon feel the energy pat you on your shoulder and support your weight loss.

4 steps to lose 5 kg in one month

1. Choose what you eat.
You’re what you eat. Therefore, you are free to choose: Do you want to be a slum-thumb-mallet? Or healthy and crisp vegetables? The choice is yours. Blood sugar-friendly diets rich in essential nutrients that support your burning and metabolism are the way forward.

2. Get exercise – every day.
The daily exercise can mean the difference between some soft parts of the stomach or a nice tight stomach skin. What would you rather have? Make sure you get one hour of exercise a day – it gives energy and is motivating, so nothing can stop you.

3. Add a plan.
The third piece in the game about a healthier life and a slimmer body is a plan for your weight loss. Make a contract with yourself, in which you write your goals and wishes. The plan helps you maintain your motivation until your goal is reached and you want to continue and keep your lifestyle changes – even after your desired weight loss is achieved.

4. Drive on!
Take advantage of your motivation at the beginning of the cure: throw away all sugar, canned food, color, old jams and other things that have been on your shelves for too long. Instead, fill with healthy foods such as vegetables, lentils, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, olive oil and fruit.

Faster weight loss with the help of anti-oxidants

The kilos fly during some months of the year. But how can we quickly lose these pounds again? Some fruits contain anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have a positive effect on the health of the body and can make the kilos disappear faster. We find antioxidants in many fruit and vegetables and we get them, with a good varied diet, also sufficiently inside.

What are anti-oxidants?

Anti-oxidants can be added to foods and are naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. Anti-oxidants are able to protect the body against bad influences that disrupt the balance in our cells. Vitamin C, E are examples of antioxidants but also minerals such as zinc can make a positive contribution because they can be part of enzymes that act as anti-oxidants.

Lose weight with the help of anti-oxidants

Because Anti-oxidants are important for a good metabolism in the body and therefore have a positive effect on health, eating them can have a positive effect on losing the kilos faster. An improved metabolism can stimulate fat burning and keep the weight up to standard.

What are anti-oxidants in?

Eating enough vegetables and fruit is important. With this we get the necessary vitamins and minerals inside as well as anti-oxidants. Some fruit and vegetables contain very large amounts of anti-oxidants. In order to get the necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as efficiently as possible, it is wise to keep a number of things in mind.

Tips for eating vegetables or fruit:

Most vitamins are found under the skin of many fruit and vegetables. Eating some vegetables or fruit with peel is often a wise choice.
Many fibers are often found under the shell. Fibers are important for proper bowel movements and can prevent any complaints.
Do not store vegetables or fruit too long. The longer you store fruit, the more vitamins are lost.
Do not cook vegetables too long. When cooking, vitamin C is lost because it is easily soluble in water and therefore quickly leaks away from the vegetable during cooking.
Use the cooking liquid for a possible sauce. The remaining vitamins can therefore still be used.

Supplements with anti-oxidants

Supplementing antioxidants with the help of supplements is often not necessary. Large amounts of anti-oxidants can have a negative effect on the body. With a healthy and varied diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables, the body often gets enough vitamins and supplements are superfluous. Supplements can almost only be necessary after a long period of illness or poor nutrition.

Beard oil prevents beard and flakes under beard

If you carry a beard, you may suffer from beard peeling and scaling under the beard, also called beard rose. This causes itching and the white flakes can become very visible. If you want to get rid of the itching and scaling, the use of a good beard oil is often a solution. The itching and flakes are caused by the skin drying under the beard when the beard hairs remove the fat from the skin. A beard oil nourishes the hair roots and moisturizes the skin. A beard balm with added shea butter also allows you to style your beard well.

Wearing a beard

In 2018 it is completely hip again to wear a beard as a man. Whether you have a thick, wild beard or a stylishly trimmed beard, facial hair is considered attractive by many people. Popular models, musicians and athletes certainly take the lead in this. Because whether you look at the full beard of Conor McGregor, Chris John Millington or Sebastien Chabal, the more styled beard of people like David Beckham or Dave Navarro or the more ‘messy’ facial hair of someone like Michiel Huisman, they have the bearded look all made their own.

A beard, skin rash or scaling by beard

Do you ever notice that you suffer from white flakes under your beard and mustache that you do not have on other parts of your face? It may look beautiful from a distance, many men who leave their beards suffer from skin rashes or flaking under the beard hairs. This is also called beard rose. This can start to itch just like with dandruff and when you start scratching, the dander can become extra visible and also end up on your clothes. Itching is also called beard joke when itching by a beard. This is because your skin dries from wearing a beard. The hair removes the fat from the skin. In addition, men who wear beards are more likely to go through their hair with their fingers and this creates a vicious circle: more scratching is more itching, more crabs. Do you ever hear from others that your beard pricks at an embrace or a kiss? Your beard also pricks in your own face because the hairs curl and the dots in your skin stabbing. This can also cause itching.

Beard oil strikes two birds with one stone

Do you want your skin peeling or beard rose and suffer less beardjuk than the use of a good beard oil is often the solution. Beard oil is an oil that contains various nutrients for both your skin and your beard hairs. Because the oil in your skin pulls you prevent the emergence of dead skin flakes. In addition, the oil nourishes the roots of the beard hairs, making them stronger and healthier and you can expect a better beard growth. If you want to grow a full beard, it is best to use a good beard oil from the beginning. A well-groomed beard stays beautiful longer and it prevents you from coming out quickly with an unkempt ‘wanderer look’ which forces you to shave off your beard and start over. It can also help to prevent split ends.

Ingredients of beard oil

Beard oil consists mainly of two ingredients: essential oils and a carrier oil . Essential oils are volatile oils that work well on the skin and give off a pleasant smell. A carrier oil or carrier oil is an oil that is used to dilute essential oils and allow them to work. They do not contain a flavor of themselves. It is important that an oil contains only a small amount of essential oils because they can be very intense for the skin. A good dilution prevents irritation and allergic reactions. The carrier oil is therefore the main ingredient of every beard oil.

Beard balm helps you to style your beard

In the search for good products for your beard you have probably come across various beard balms. A beard balm contains the same kind of oils as a beard oil, but another ingredient has been added. A beard balm usually contains shea butter. This is a butter that is extracted from the nuts of the shea or karite tree, which grows on the African savannah. The butter makes the balm greasy so you get a kind of leave-in conditioner. This allows you to style your beard the way you want it. It is therefore mainly used by men with a longer beard.

Is a protein shake a fattener?

You doubt whether you have a protein shake after a nice workout should take ? You’re not the only one! Many people, and in particular athletes, wonder if they would do well to consume these protein bombs.

Does your body ask for a good recovery after a sports session? Or are those protein shakes actually sneaky fat makers ? And if you decide to buy a big pot for home, which one should you choose?

Building blocks of your body

In order to get an idea of ??the usefulness or the nonsense of protein shakes, it is useful to consider the function of proteins or ‘ protein ‘ in general. In addition to carbohydrates , fats , vitamins and minerals, these form the basis of a healthy diet.

They are literally the building blocks of your body: they are used for the production of muscles , building of cells, bones, skin, nerves and neurotransmitters ( hormones ).

Animal versus vegetable protein

Our body needs proteins so hard to build, perform and repair. We know the vegetable variety in the form of nuts , seeds, mushrooms and legumes . More familiar are the animal protein sources, such as meat, chicken, fish , eggs and dairy. The traditional protein shake is made from whey. This is a residual product that remains after the production of cheese .

Different types of Whey

We distinguish 3 different kinds of whey . Depending on the production process, these species contain more or less energy in the form of carbohydrates or fat. A summary:

Whey Concentrate has a protein percentage of about 80% and is very popular due to taste and affordability. This form contains a small amount of carbohydrates and fats and therefore provides more energy.
Whey Isolate is with a protein percentage of 90% an even purer form and therefore also a bit more expensive. The advantage over whey concentrate is that whey isolate contains less carbohydrates or fats. Isolate also delivers less energy than the concentrate.
Whey hydrolyzate is the most pure and expensive option of the different types of whey. Hydrolyzate is absorbed very quickly by the body and is completely free of carbohydrates and fat.
Positive energy balance
We now know that proteins are essential for a healthy body and that a protein shake thanks to the whey protein is a good source of animal protein. But is a protein shake also a fattener? That is a very different discussion, which in the first instance has nothing to do with the product – in this case the protein shake.

Arriving or losing weight is about energy balance and depends on your energy intake (eating & drinking), energy consumption and your metabolism . In general, you can maintain that a recurring positive energy balance, where more comes in than is consumed, can lead to an increase in weight.

Protein shake fat maker?

The protein shake CAN thus be a fattener, but only if your total energy intake is greater than your energy consumption. That consumption is very personal and differences between them are great. In principle, a protein shake (depending on the species) yields slim proteins and relatively little energy.

Intensive sports automatically ensures higher energy consumption. A protein shake can then be a very good way to keep your energy balance up to date and at the same time provide your muscles with the necessary building materials to be able to recover. It is up to you to decide how to use your protein shake.

Do you use it in addition to or instead of your normal meals? Do you eat large amounts of meat, fish and dairy daily? Then a protein shake as a supplement may well be a fattener. You can ask yourself whether you need a protein shake?

Exercises to lose chest fat for men

The exercises to lose pectoral fat special for men will help you to reduce fat from the area of ??the stomach as well as to strengthen your pectoral muscles. In addition to the other exercises that are specifically aimed at your abs, your chest and your pectorals, it is important to perform cardiovascular exercises to reduce your body weight, as well as to improve your cardiovascular health in general.


This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest as well as to strengthen and tone your upper abdominal muscles and your back. Lie on your chest with your arms on both sides of your body and your legs fully extended. Bend your arms with your elbows and recharge your hands on the floor and approximately at the height of your shoulders. Tighten the muscles of your chest and lift your body with your hands until your chest reaches a 45 degree angle in relation to the floor. Hold this position as long as you can before relaxing.


Running will improve your cardiovascular health and generally reduce your body fat. When you run at a constant rate of eight miles per hour, you may be burning around 900 to 1400 calories per hour. While running it is important that you maintain a constant step to be able to reduce weight efficiently. Although running will not only reduce the fat in your chest. Yes it will help you to burn the fat of your whole body evenly, which indirectly will help you reduce the amount that accumulates in your chest.

Exercise “cat-camel” (cat-camel)

This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest, as well as to strengthen and tone the muscles in your back and pectorals. Get on your knees so that the tips of your feet touch the floor. In this position, tighten the muscles of your chest and arch your spine up. Hold this position for 15 seconds before exhaling and returning to your original position. From here, relax your stomach and let it fall towards the floor. At the same time, gather your shoulder blades and keep them that way for 10 to 15 seconds.

Bench press (Bench press)

This exercise is designed to strengthen your pectoral muscles and help you reduce the fat in your chest. Sit on a bench leaning your weight against the bar. Then, put both hands on the bar, making sure to keep them at a regular distance. Using a basic grappling technique, pull the bar and bring it slowly to your chest. Continue to lower it until it practically touches your chest. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before raising it again, until your arms are fully extended again. Do about six to about eight repetitions before resting.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise

Blog Fidal Novara is based on the fact that the body responds to sugar by creating gastric fat. Studies show that after sugar consumption, the pancreas creates and separates insulin in a reaction to the sugar. These physiological changes in body chemistry make the body store fat in the stomach. Making small adjustments to your diet will help you lose fat (and lose weight) stomach without exercise.

Reduce your sugar intake to 15 grams a day to lose stomach fat without exercise. Before the onset of processed foods, Americans consume about 15 grams of sugar a day. At that time, diabetes and stomach fat was almost unheard of. In 2010, the average American consumed more than 200 grams of sugar a day.

Swap unhealthy carbohydrates for more healthy versions of the same food. For example, eat whole-grain pasta instead of white pasta. Leave the sheets on the potatoes when you seize them. These healthier foods with a higher fiber content do not create blood sugar nails that make white versions. The blood sugar nails cause insulin floods, which contribute to gastric fat. Replace bad carbohydrates and good carbs in you will help you lose belly fat.

Digest a maximum of 120 grams of carbohydrates per day to help lose your body stomach fat. Low carb diet has the right idea, but they go too far. There is no harm to a healthy amount of healthy carbohydrates. Remember that not all carbs were created alike. Although baked potato and a candy can have the same number of carbohydrates, the potato has fiber and no sugar. Good carbohydrates have little or no sugar in them, and therefore help you lose belly fat.

Do some research and pay attention to all the food you eat. Sugar is hidden in a number of foods that people eat on a daily basis. A cup of yogurt has more than 30 grams of sugar (enough sugar for 2 days). A 100% fruit smoothie – apparently healthy – contains more than 80 grams of sugar. Reducing sugar intake is essential to help get rid of stomach fat.

How Can You Grow Your Beard Faster?

The beard. A symbol of masculinity. Throughout history, Barden has always been associated with strength, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility.

That wise old man from the movie? Always that a beard. The tribe-oldest? The king? A very bearded man on the throne surrounded by clean-shaven subjects.

A beard is a powerful statement: I am a man.


From a psychological point of view: it is a sign of maturity. And from the point of view of the woman: attractiveness and the ability to father children.

But before we move on to exactly how you can stimulate your beard growth to grow your beard faster and thicker, we first answer this question:

Combination of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, strength training, sex & enough sleep.
What is the best way to grow a beard?

The four-week rule for beard growth

You read this article probably because you think you do not have enough facial hair, to grow a nice full and thick beard.

But most beards do not emerge, because the owner underestimates the potential of his beard.

In other words, many men never grow a beard because they believe – erroneously – that their beard is “too spotty”. That it does not have enough coverage to connect, and thus give the appearance of a full-fledged beard.

You have to grow your beard for at least four weeks. Only then do most beards begin to grow densely. Only after a reasonable amount of time, you can evaluate the real status of your beard. 1

Dedicate yourself to growing a beard. Growing a beard requires dedication. Growing a bit of down or a stubble is easy. You only have to wait a few days. Then it only requires basic maintenance maintenance

Do not start too quickly with the trimming and biting of your beard. You probably cut more than you originally wanted. You have to give your beard the time to grow to a reasonable length. This is how you can see the real lines of your beard growth.

After these four weeks you have two choices.

You can continue growing a majestic and natural beard.
You can touch your beard, trim or cut.
Growing a full beard gives you more respect in the beard community, while the shaving makes you more presentable. The latter is best done by a good beard trimmer and / or a visit to a barber.

Do not forget your beard oil . Start by applying beard oil when you start growing a beard. It ensures that your beard looks healthier, younger and better.

Many people underestimate the four-week rule. It is the main reason why most beards never arise.

For most of you reading this guide, this applies. You are here to know growing prematurely. You are aware of the tightness of your horse and it is noticeable.

the travel distance of all things can do to stimulate your beard growth. You are here to grow your beard faster. If you miss something, let us know in the comments. If your method is based on scientific research, then we will add it to our list.