Faster weight loss with the help of anti-oxidants

The kilos fly during some months of the year. But how can we quickly lose these pounds again? Some fruits contain anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have a positive effect on the health of the body and can make the kilos disappear faster. We find antioxidants in many fruit and vegetables and we get them, with a good varied diet, also sufficiently inside.

What are anti-oxidants?

Anti-oxidants can be added to foods and are naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. Anti-oxidants are able to protect the body against bad influences that disrupt the balance in our cells. Vitamin C, E are examples of antioxidants but also minerals such as zinc can make a positive contribution because they can be part of enzymes that act as anti-oxidants.

Lose weight with the help of anti-oxidants

Because Anti-oxidants are important for a good metabolism in the body and therefore have a positive effect on health, eating them can have a positive effect on losing the kilos faster. An improved metabolism can stimulate fat burning and keep the weight up to standard.

What are anti-oxidants in?

Eating enough vegetables and fruit is important. With this we get the necessary vitamins and minerals inside as well as anti-oxidants. Some fruit and vegetables contain very large amounts of anti-oxidants. In order to get the necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as efficiently as possible, it is wise to keep a number of things in mind.

Tips for eating vegetables or fruit:

Most vitamins are found under the skin of many fruit and vegetables. Eating some vegetables or fruit with peel is often a wise choice.
Many fibers are often found under the shell. Fibers are important for proper bowel movements and can prevent any complaints.
Do not store vegetables or fruit too long. The longer you store fruit, the more vitamins are lost.
Do not cook vegetables too long. When cooking, vitamin C is lost because it is easily soluble in water and therefore quickly leaks away from the vegetable during cooking.
Use the cooking liquid for a possible sauce. The remaining vitamins can therefore still be used.

Supplements with anti-oxidants

Supplementing antioxidants with the help of supplements is often not necessary. Large amounts of anti-oxidants can have a negative effect on the body. With a healthy and varied diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables, the body often gets enough vitamins and supplements are superfluous. Supplements can almost only be necessary after a long period of illness or poor nutrition.

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Beard oil prevents beard and flakes under beard

If you carry a beard, you may suffer from beard peeling and scaling under the beard, also called beard rose. This causes itching and the white flakes can become very visible. If you want to get rid of the itching and scaling, the use of a good beard oil is often a solution. The itching and flakes are caused by the skin drying under the beard when the beard hairs remove the fat from the skin. A beard oil nourishes the hair roots and moisturizes the skin. A beard balm with added shea butter also allows you to style your beard well.

Wearing a beard

In 2018 it is completely hip again to wear a beard as a man. Whether you have a thick, wild beard or a stylishly trimmed beard, facial hair is considered attractive by many people. Popular models, musicians and athletes certainly take the lead in this. Because whether you look at the full beard of Conor McGregor, Chris John Millington or Sebastien Chabal, the more styled beard of people like David Beckham or Dave Navarro or the more ‘messy’ facial hair of someone like Michiel Huisman, they have the bearded look all made their own.

A beard, skin rash or scaling by beard

Do you ever notice that you suffer from white flakes under your beard and mustache that you do not have on other parts of your face? It may look beautiful from a distance, many men who leave their beards suffer from skin rashes or flaking under the beard hairs. This is also called beard rose. This can start to itch just like with dandruff and when you start scratching, the dander can become extra visible and also end up on your clothes. Itching is also called beard joke when itching by a beard. This is because your skin dries from wearing a beard. The hair removes the fat from the skin. In addition, men who wear beards are more likely to go through their hair with their fingers and this creates a vicious circle: more scratching is more itching, more crabs. Do you ever hear from others that your beard pricks at an embrace or a kiss? Your beard also pricks in your own face because the hairs curl and the dots in your skin stabbing. This can also cause itching.

Beard oil strikes two birds with one stone

Do you want your skin peeling or beard rose and suffer less beardjuk than the use of a good beard oil is often the solution. Beard oil is an oil that contains various nutrients for both your skin and your beard hairs. Because the oil in your skin pulls you prevent the emergence of dead skin flakes. In addition, the oil nourishes the roots of the beard hairs, making them stronger and healthier and you can expect a better beard growth. If you want to grow a full beard, it is best to use a good beard oil from the beginning. A well-groomed beard stays beautiful longer and it prevents you from coming out quickly with an unkempt ‘wanderer look’ which forces you to shave off your beard and start over. It can also help to prevent split ends.

Ingredients of beard oil

Beard oil consists mainly of two ingredients: essential oils and a carrier oil . Essential oils are volatile oils that work well on the skin and give off a pleasant smell. A carrier oil or carrier oil is an oil that is used to dilute essential oils and allow them to work. They do not contain a flavor of themselves. It is important that an oil contains only a small amount of essential oils because they can be very intense for the skin. A good dilution prevents irritation and allergic reactions. The carrier oil is therefore the main ingredient of every beard oil.

Beard balm helps you to style your beard

In the search for good products for your beard you have probably come across various beard balms. A beard balm contains the same kind of oils as a beard oil, but another ingredient has been added. A beard balm usually contains shea butter. This is a butter that is extracted from the nuts of the shea or karite tree, which grows on the African savannah. The butter makes the balm greasy so you get a kind of leave-in conditioner. This allows you to style your beard the way you want it. It is therefore mainly used by men with a longer beard.

Is a protein shake a fattener?

You doubt whether you have a protein shake after a nice workout should take ? You’re not the only one! Many people, and in particular athletes, wonder if they would do well to consume these protein bombs.

Does your body ask for a good recovery after a sports session? Or are those protein shakes actually sneaky fat makers ? And if you decide to buy a big pot for home, which one should you choose?

Building blocks of your body

In order to get an idea of ??the usefulness or the nonsense of protein shakes, it is useful to consider the function of proteins or ‘ protein ‘ in general. In addition to carbohydrates , fats , vitamins and minerals, these form the basis of a healthy diet.

They are literally the building blocks of your body: they are used for the production of muscles , building of cells, bones, skin, nerves and neurotransmitters ( hormones ).

Animal versus vegetable protein

Our body needs proteins so hard to build, perform and repair. We know the vegetable variety in the form of nuts , seeds, mushrooms and legumes . More familiar are the animal protein sources, such as meat, chicken, fish , eggs and dairy. The traditional protein shake is made from whey. This is a residual product that remains after the production of cheese .

Different types of Whey

We distinguish 3 different kinds of whey . Depending on the production process, these species contain more or less energy in the form of carbohydrates or fat. A summary:

Whey Concentrate has a protein percentage of about 80% and is very popular due to taste and affordability. This form contains a small amount of carbohydrates and fats and therefore provides more energy.
Whey Isolate is with a protein percentage of 90% an even purer form and therefore also a bit more expensive. The advantage over whey concentrate is that whey isolate contains less carbohydrates or fats. Isolate also delivers less energy than the concentrate.
Whey hydrolyzate is the most pure and expensive option of the different types of whey. Hydrolyzate is absorbed very quickly by the body and is completely free of carbohydrates and fat.
Positive energy balance
We now know that proteins are essential for a healthy body and that a protein shake thanks to the whey protein is a good source of animal protein. But is a protein shake also a fattener? That is a very different discussion, which in the first instance has nothing to do with the product – in this case the protein shake.

Arriving or losing weight is about energy balance and depends on your energy intake (eating & drinking), energy consumption and your metabolism . In general, you can maintain that a recurring positive energy balance, where more comes in than is consumed, can lead to an increase in weight.

Protein shake fat maker?

The protein shake CAN thus be a fattener, but only if your total energy intake is greater than your energy consumption. That consumption is very personal and differences between them are great. In principle, a protein shake (depending on the species) yields slim proteins and relatively little energy.

Intensive sports automatically ensures higher energy consumption. A protein shake can then be a very good way to keep your energy balance up to date and at the same time provide your muscles with the necessary building materials to be able to recover. It is up to you to decide how to use your protein shake.

Do you use it in addition to or instead of your normal meals? Do you eat large amounts of meat, fish and dairy daily? Then a protein shake as a supplement may well be a fattener. You can ask yourself whether you need a protein shake?

Exercises to lose chest fat for men

The exercises to lose pectoral fat special for men will help you to reduce fat from the area of ??the stomach as well as to strengthen your pectoral muscles. In addition to the other exercises that are specifically aimed at your abs, your chest and your pectorals, it is important to perform cardiovascular exercises to reduce your body weight, as well as to improve your cardiovascular health in general.


This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest as well as to strengthen and tone your upper abdominal muscles and your back. Lie on your chest with your arms on both sides of your body and your legs fully extended. Bend your arms with your elbows and recharge your hands on the floor and approximately at the height of your shoulders. Tighten the muscles of your chest and lift your body with your hands until your chest reaches a 45 degree angle in relation to the floor. Hold this position as long as you can before relaxing.


Running will improve your cardiovascular health and generally reduce your body fat. When you run at a constant rate of eight miles per hour, you may be burning around 900 to 1400 calories per hour. While running it is important that you maintain a constant step to be able to reduce weight efficiently. Although running will not only reduce the fat in your chest. Yes it will help you to burn the fat of your whole body evenly, which indirectly will help you reduce the amount that accumulates in your chest.

Exercise “cat-camel” (cat-camel)

This exercise is designed to reduce the fat in your chest, as well as to strengthen and tone the muscles in your back and pectorals. Get on your knees so that the tips of your feet touch the floor. In this position, tighten the muscles of your chest and arch your spine up. Hold this position for 15 seconds before exhaling and returning to your original position. From here, relax your stomach and let it fall towards the floor. At the same time, gather your shoulder blades and keep them that way for 10 to 15 seconds.

Bench press (Bench press)

This exercise is designed to strengthen your pectoral muscles and help you reduce the fat in your chest. Sit on a bench leaning your weight against the bar. Then, put both hands on the bar, making sure to keep them at a regular distance. Using a basic grappling technique, pull the bar and bring it slowly to your chest. Continue to lower it until it practically touches your chest. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before raising it again, until your arms are fully extended again. Do about six to about eight repetitions before resting.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise

Blog Fidal Novara is based on the fact that the body responds to sugar by creating gastric fat. Studies show that after sugar consumption, the pancreas creates and separates insulin in a reaction to the sugar. These physiological changes in body chemistry make the body store fat in the stomach. Making small adjustments to your diet will help you lose fat (and lose weight) stomach without exercise.

Reduce your sugar intake to 15 grams a day to lose stomach fat without exercise. Before the onset of processed foods, Americans consume about 15 grams of sugar a day. At that time, diabetes and stomach fat was almost unheard of. In 2010, the average American consumed more than 200 grams of sugar a day.

Swap unhealthy carbohydrates for more healthy versions of the same food. For example, eat whole-grain pasta instead of white pasta. Leave the sheets on the potatoes when you seize them. These healthier foods with a higher fiber content do not create blood sugar nails that make white versions. The blood sugar nails cause insulin floods, which contribute to gastric fat. Replace bad carbohydrates and good carbs in you will help you lose belly fat.

Digest a maximum of 120 grams of carbohydrates per day to help lose your body stomach fat. Low carb diet has the right idea, but they go too far. There is no harm to a healthy amount of healthy carbohydrates. Remember that not all carbs were created alike. Although baked potato and a candy can have the same number of carbohydrates, the potato has fiber and no sugar. Good carbohydrates have little or no sugar in them, and therefore help you lose belly fat.

Do some research and pay attention to all the food you eat. Sugar is hidden in a number of foods that people eat on a daily basis. A cup of yogurt has more than 30 grams of sugar (enough sugar for 2 days). A 100% fruit smoothie – apparently healthy – contains more than 80 grams of sugar. Reducing sugar intake is essential to help get rid of stomach fat.

How Can You Grow Your Beard Faster?

The beard. A symbol of masculinity. Throughout history, Barden has always been associated with strength, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility.

That wise old man from the movie? Always that a beard. The tribe-oldest? The king? A very bearded man on the throne surrounded by clean-shaven subjects.

A beard is a powerful statement: I am a man.


From a psychological point of view: it is a sign of maturity. And from the point of view of the woman: attractiveness and the ability to father children.

But before we move on to exactly how you can stimulate your beard growth to grow your beard faster and thicker, we first answer this question:

Combination of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, strength training, sex & enough sleep.
What is the best way to grow a beard?

The four-week rule for beard growth

You read this article probably because you think you do not have enough facial hair, to grow a nice full and thick beard.

But most beards do not emerge, because the owner underestimates the potential of his beard.

In other words, many men never grow a beard because they believe – erroneously – that their beard is “too spotty”. That it does not have enough coverage to connect, and thus give the appearance of a full-fledged beard.

You have to grow your beard for at least four weeks. Only then do most beards begin to grow densely. Only after a reasonable amount of time, you can evaluate the real status of your beard. 1

Dedicate yourself to growing a beard. Growing a beard requires dedication. Growing a bit of down or a stubble is easy. You only have to wait a few days. Then it only requires basic maintenance maintenance

Do not start too quickly with the trimming and biting of your beard. You probably cut more than you originally wanted. You have to give your beard the time to grow to a reasonable length. This is how you can see the real lines of your beard growth.

After these four weeks you have two choices.

You can continue growing a majestic and natural beard.
You can touch your beard, trim or cut.
Growing a full beard gives you more respect in the beard community, while the shaving makes you more presentable. The latter is best done by a good beard trimmer and / or a visit to a barber.

Do not forget your beard oil . Start by applying beard oil when you start growing a beard. It ensures that your beard looks healthier, younger and better.

Many people underestimate the four-week rule. It is the main reason why most beards never arise.

For most of you reading this guide, this applies. You are here to know growing prematurely. You are aware of the tightness of your horse and it is noticeable.

the travel distance of all things can do to stimulate your beard growth. You are here to grow your beard faster. If you miss something, let us know in the comments. If your method is based on scientific research, then we will add it to our list.



How Is Fungal Nail Treated?

Because a fungal infection of the nail can be very deep in the nail, it is often necessary to tackle the fungus from the outside, also from the inside.


There are a number of anti-fungal agents that can fight the fungi in the nail. You must use these medicines during a treatment period. A treatment course lasts at least 3 months. In intractable cases, treatment can last up to 6 months before a satisfactory result is achieved. Examples are Trisporal (itraconazole), Lamisil (terbinafine) and Diflucan (fluconazole).

For more details about herbal health visit – website


Until now, there is no external agent that can cure the fungal nail. Because a fungal nail often occurs together with a athlete’s foot, the latter is simultaneously treated with a cream (eg Daktarin or Nizoral). In addition, it is important to treat all your shoes and socks with a fungicide (scatter powder). The traces of the fungus remain behind, even after repeated washing. If you do not erase these traces, you would reinfect yourself again and again and there is no treatment against it.


Laser treatment against fungal nails is based on selective heating of the nail plate through which molds are killed. All ten (finger or toenails) are treated simultaneously during the same session, even though not all nails are visibly affected. Because nails grow slowly, we see the effect of the treatment only after 3 to 6 months. Usually 1 to 3 laser treatments are needed to heal the nail plate. Despite the heat of the laser beams, the treatment is tolerable. The type of laser used here is a Nd: YAG laser, eg the Pin-Pointe laser.

What can you do yourself against fungal nails?

nai fungus

It is a misunderstanding to think that fungal infections are caused by a lack of hygiene. Fungal infections are caused by a combination of various factors. Below are a number of measures to help prevent fungal nails:

Make sure that you always carefully dry your feet. Possible traces especially find the spaces between the toes a pleasant place to stay.

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Preferably wear nylons, plastic socks and shoes. This creates a sweltering climate around your feet and that is very conducive to fungal growth.

Avoid excessive perspiration. If it is warm, preferably wear airy, open, footwear. Thin socks and cotton stockings are also recommended.

Do not use too much soap when washing and rinse off the soap residue. Soap with disinfecting ingredients is not effective against fungi.

Always wear slippers in public laundry and bathing facilities (swimming pool, sports hall, sauna)

What is the prognosis for fungal nail?

The result of a treatment for a fungal nail is unfortunately not immediately clear to see. The fungi may have been eradicated, the abnormalities of the nail can still be seen for months. A lot of time is needed before the affected parts of the nail have completely grown and repelled. Especially the toenails grow only a few millimeters per month. So it is a matter of patience, patience and patience.

Choose The Right Sun Protection

People who think they are well protected against harmful sun rays by wearing a T-shirt are disappointed. Sensible sunbathing with the use of a good sunscreen is therefore necessary.

Good preparation is good with good sun protection . Let your skin get used to the sun. This prevents the skin from burning. But it is also a lifelong investment. A skin that has been burned once, will remain extra sensitive to the sun for life.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreens are specially made to prevent sunburn. They contain UV filters, which means less UV radiation reaches the skin. However, a device that filters all UV radiation does not exist.

Even sunscreens that are extremely effective and protect against both UV-A (Aging) radiation and UV-B (Burning) radiation can not offer complete protection. A sunscreen must therefore be seen as an additional measure, besides wearing protective clothing and looking up the shadow between 12.00-15.000 hours.

Natural protection

Another – natural – protective mechanism is the formation of melanin under the influence of the sun. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their color. By becoming brown, the skin protects itself as it were.

Small children produce almost no melanin, so that there is not enough pigment to provide sufficient protection. Therefore it is important for young children in good lubrication .

Too much UV radiation at a young age can lead to a greater risk of skin cancer . Research has even shown that those who have been burned more than three times in their childhood, are five times more likely to develop skin cancer.

Protection factor

The sunscreen protection factor is indicated by SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The SPF must be carefully chosen and depends on your skin type.

Someone with pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes will burn faster in the sun than someone with tinted skin and brown eyes. You can safely sunbathe for 20 minutes with normal skin per SPF. An SPF 12 is therefore good for 12 times 20 minutes of sunbathing.

Incidentally, it is a myth that a higher factor will slow down browning. A cream with a higher factor prevents redness and burning, but does not prevent it from turning brown.

Generous and regular lubrication

In addition to choosing the right product, there is an important rule when sunning: lubricate generously and regularly. Do not over-skim with sunscreen.

To get the protection that the sunscreen promises to give, the cream must be applied to the skin rather thick. Economical lubrication gives a much lower protection factor than stated on the packaging.

Precise guidelines on quantities of cream to be applied are not to be given, but a ‘hand full’ for every infusion of the entire skin is not an exaggeration. It is also important to regularly re-apply the skin.

Ten golden rules for sunbathing

Saltaf has drawn up ten guidelines:

Enjoy the sun, but think about your skin.
Allow the skin to get used to the sun and prevent sunburn.
Look for the shadow between 12.00 and 15.00.
In the full sun, wear a cap or a sun hat and clothes.
Are you going into the sun for a long time? Smear uncovered skin with a sunscreen.
Ask the pharmacist or pharmacy for information about the right protection factor.
Carefully follow instructions for use of solar equipment.
Ask for personal advice in a tanning salon.
Get out of the sun and certainly not under the sunbed if your skin reacts strangely with, for example, rash, itching or rapid burning.
Consult a doctor if necessary.
UV radiation helps in some skin conditions, but not in others.
Request advice from a skin doctor.

That’s How You Get Rid Of Breast Formation In Men

Breast forming in men, a common problem? Breasts are sexy … in women. And because breasts belong to women, no man wants to walk around with two of these bumps. Yet there are enough men who suffer from the so-called manboobs. About a tenth of the young men and a third of the older men suffer from this. In this article we look at the causes and solutions.

What are male breasts / manboobs?

Men’s breasts arise due to stubborn fat accumulation in chest area. Male breasts can occur at a young age, usually in boys or men who are overweight.

Causes of breast formation in men

Several factors often together ensure that men get breasts. Below you will find the most important causes and tips on how to deal with them.


It will come as no surprise that bad food contributes to breast formation in men. After all, male breasts consist largely of excess fat that is stored at the breast. That is why it is advisable to eat as healthy as possible. Use, for example, as few products as possible with fats and sugars. Sugars can also bring the male hormones out of balance, so that fat is stored earlier in the breasts.

Low testosterone value

A low testosterone value can be a cause of male breasts. Signals can be: painful or noticeably larger breasts, loss of body and facial hair, shrunken testicles, erectile dysfunction and hot flashes. Do you suspect that you are bothered by this? Always have this checked by the doctor. Too much alcohol and stress can have a very bad influence on the testosterone level. You can increase your testosterone levels by doing more strength training, sleeping well and eating enough healthy fats.

Lack of movement

Of course, sports are always good to lose fat, so also fat around the breasts. In the case of male breasts, it is advisable to conditionally exercise to lose fat, as well as to train a lot with weights. Exercises to tighten your breasts include the chest press, chestfly and push ups. With these exercises you strengthen your chest muscles, making your male breasts tighter. In addition, it stimulates testosterone release. You can always ask for personal advice from a trainer at the gym.

Disease or deviation

Male breasts are not always a cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. There may also be a deeper problem. Often it is about an inherited predisposition for the formation of breasts. But there can also be a serious illness. For example, the Klinefelter Syndrome . When men have breasts without being overweight, this is sometimes the underlying reason. Always visit the doctor if there is a suspicion of Klinefelter.

Treatments for men’s breasts

If changes in your diet and lifestyle do not help you get rid of your men’s breasts, you can take more serious measures. So you can start with medication, gels or ointments after consultation with your doctor. If this does not help, then you will see if you are eligible for a breast reduction for men.

Before a breast reduction can be performed, we first look at what kind of breast formation you have. There are various possibilities:

Breast formation due to excessive glandular tissue
Breast formation due to excessive adipose tissue
Breast formation due to excessive fat and skin folds

Depending on the type of breast formation, the right treatment is chosen for you. A breast reduction costs about between 1500 and 3900 euros, depending on the reputation of a clinic, the chosen treatment method, the specific wishes you have and how much experience the specialist has.

For an overview of the prices per clinic for breast reduction see the page prices and costs for a breast reduction for men .

For more information about this treatment, see our extensive information page on breast reduction for men .


Breast formation in men is becoming more common. Men’s breasts often decrease considerably by eating healthier and exercising more. If that is not enough, or if you are unlucky to be burdened with a hereditary predisposition to breast formation, breast reduction is a very effective treatment for men.


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Vitamin D: the new super vitamin

There are thirteen vitamins that our body needs one by one to stay as healthy as possible. But which vitamin is now the most important thing? It seems strongly that this is vitamin D.

Vitamin D is actually a strange duck in the vitamin liver. It is one of the few vitamins our body can make: under the influence of UV radiation from sunlight , cholesterol is converted into vitamin D in our skin .

Most other vitamins are also substances that the body needs, but can not make itself. Furthermore, vitamin D looks more like a hormone than a vitamin, both in terms of chemical composition and functions in the body. It is also a vitamin that many people can use a little extra. Because the production in the skin is usually not enough.

Strong: teeth, bones, muscles

What does vitamin D do then? The best known is the role that the substance plays in the construction of the bones and the teeth . The building materials for bone and teeth are calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D ensures that these minerals from our diet are absorbed by the body and built into the bones and teeth.

Those who grew up with a daily spoonful of cod liver oil can happily praise themselves. Cod liver oil is bursting with vitamin D, which was previously unavailable in neutral tasting pills, capsules or drops as nowadays. Vitamin D stimulates the growth and building of strong bones in children. And the stronger the bones at a young age, the smaller the risk that you will suffer from bone loss and brittle bones in later life.

But that’s not all. We also need vitamin D for proper functioning of our muscles. And that is not just the muscles in the trunk, arms and legs, but also the heart muscle . Muscle weakness and muscle cramps are the first symptoms of a deficiency of vitamin D. Some experts even think that the decline in muscle strength in the elderly is not only due to age, but also partly due to a lack of vitamin D. Strong muscles provide a better balance and therefore for less chance of falls. Vitamin D therefore reduces the risk of bone fractures in two ways: by reducing the risk of bone loss and by keeping the muscles strong.

Arm against bacteria

In recent years, vitamin D has been in the interest of scientists. Research has made it increasingly clear that vitamin D does more than just provide strong bones and teeth. This super vitamin is – just like vitamin C – also necessary for resistance to diseases.

The body needs vitamin D to adequately respond to inflammation. Vitamin D stimulates protein production that makes bacteria harmless.

Better thinking, less depressed

Vitamin D also seems to affect the brain. For example, people with low levels of vitamin D have a greater chance of depression . This is shown by a Dutch survey among almost 1,300 people aged sixty-five. Vitamin D also seems to be necessary for the mind, according to a survey of more than 5,500 French women of an average of 80 years. The women who received enough vitamin D through their diet scored better on brain function tests than the women who received little vitamin D. A British survey among more than 850 sixty-five people supports this. It showed that a vitamin D deficiency gives a 60 percent greater chance of deteriorating the mind .

Enjoying the sun!

Researchers now focus on vitamin D and cardiovascular disease , diabetes , multiple sclerosis and various forms of cancer . There are indications, for example, that people with sufficient vitamin D in the blood have lower blood pressure and a lower risk of colon cancer .

According to KWF Kankerbestrijding there is also a possible relationship between vitamin D and various forms of cancer. In their report ‘Relation cancer, sunlight and vitamin D’ from 2010, the conclusion is: exposure to sunlight is associated with a lower risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer , probably because vitamin D is created through sunlight in the skin. In the past, KWF warned only against the sun (in connection with the risk of skin cancer ), nowadays the motto is: ‘Enjoy the sun, but make sure you do not burn.’


The Health Council also advises to go outside at least 15 minutes a day with uncovered head and hands, so that the skin can benefit from the effects of UV rays. For reassurance: bracing icy cold is not necessary. The sun is only bright enough in the Netherlands from April to October to stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D. A rule of thumb: the skin only makes vitamin D if your shadow is shorter than you.

Tip for women

More and more creams for the face and hands contain a UV filter that protects against sunlight by a factor of 15. A protective factor of 8 already means that no more vitamin D is produced in the skin. Daily UV protection is therefore good to prevent skin aging, but it increases the risk of vitamin D deficiency. Therefore: protect the skin with a UV filter only if you stay in the sun for more than fifteen minutes.

Often needed: extra D

A lack of vitamin D occurs in all layers of the population, but with the increase of age, the risk of a shortage also increases. In the Netherlands, an estimated half of all elderly people have a deficiency of vitamin D. And among residents of nursing homes that can even reach 85 percent.

How is that possible? There is very little vitamin D in our diet. Good sources are oily fish such as herring, salmon, mackerel and buckwheat. Furthermore, there is a small amount of vitamin D in meat, dairy and eggs and it is added to low-fat margarine, margarine and baking and frying fats. But how much can you eat on a daily basis? For the majority of the required vitamin D we are therefore dependent on the production in the skin. And that goes back to aging. In addition, older people are less likely to come out. The Nutrition Center therefore advises daily vitamin D for women aged 50 and over, and men aged 70 and older, every day – winter and summer.

Fat soluble

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is best absorbed during digestion if there is also some fat or oil. Take a supplement with the meal, because there is always a little fat. Or choose vitamin D in an oil-filled capsule. There are two forms of vitamin D: D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). Both forms are active, but vitamin D3 has a stronger effect than D2.